Anonymous asked:
I'm ridiculous?😂😂 all I said was that you two would be cute lol. I take it back then 😂

go ahead and take it back

Anonymous asked:
Your bio and header is perfect.

thank you!

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever date him? Just because he's a great friend isn't an excuse not to lol.

oh my god you’re ridiculous I can never talk to a guy without someone thinking I want something because I don’t. if I did trust me I would say so and if I say my guy friends are guy friends they are my fucking guy friends nothing more thank you

Anonymous asked:
You and Roberto would be cute together. I saw you wearing his clothes today. ;)

Roberto is chill as fuck!!but he’s a great friend that jams out with me! and his clothes? I was wearing my own clothes and I always do like 99.9% of the time


Esprit shampoo, Chatelaine magazine, June 1983.

Isaac Morgan

yohji yamamoto s/s 2015